About Us

Rohingyas are the world’s most oppressed community. After the independence of Burma in 1948, Rohingyas have been subjected to ruthless torture of Burmese military governments. Which is still in progress. Rohingya victims of torture are constantly being emigrated to the neighboring countries. On the other hand, Rohingya issue is one of the issues which have been a long-term issue in the world. One of the main problems in Bangladesh is also the Rohingya problem. Indigenous people of Arakan state the Rohingyas have their own language, culture, history & heritage. Our effort will be to increase your knowledge about this, to make it more aware.

This is a complete volunteer work. We are bringing you the books, history-heritage, documents, historical documents, articles, analysis, reports, short films etc. in any language related to Arakan and Rohingya. Our success only if you have the least benefit in our work. Your suggestions will make our work easier. We hope that your support will continue. You can also join in this volunteer work. Contact: info@arakanbooks.com